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Adobe Lightroom Pro Premium APK ( Unlocked)

Adobe Lightroom Pro Premium APK is a must-have app on your phone if you are photography enthusiast. With the Lightroom Pro (Unlocked) version, you can use all features of this application for free.

Overview Information

NameAdobe Lightroom
Updated On
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Do you know Adobe Photoshop? Adobe Lightroom is the photography application of Adobe, the tycoon of photo editing applications on many different platforms. Unlike the complex image editing software on PC, this application Provides you with an easy to use interface and very user-friendly. Although you do not have much knowledge about photo editing, you can still download and use it expertly 

Previously, Adobe Lightroom was developed on many other platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, .. Of Course, the version for Android still lacks a lot of features when compared to the version for PC or macOS. But that accidentally made it easier for users to use this application. with just a few editing steps, you can own a beautiful picture to share it with friends and family here are some features of Adobe Lightroom.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom own all the basic tools of a mobile photo editing application. Cropping and rotating help you find the right ratio for your photos. You can crop the image manually or use some predefined ratios. With Rotate, you can adjust your photo to any angle. Just use your finer and rotate the photo to the angle you want.

Improving the lighting and color of images has never been this easy. With the slider design, you can easily change the color and lighting of your photos, making your photos stand out and be more sophisticated. Besides, the Brush healing feature helps you Remove all unwanted object in your photos, no matter how big or small.

Do you want to have the copyright of your photos? use the watermark by selecting sharing with watermark in preferences. However, This application does not allow you to use image watermarks or logos but only text watermark. you can adjust the font size and position of the watermark.

In addition to photo editing features, Adobe Lightroom also has a built-in camera feature, After using, i feel the camera of this application is not inferior to the popular camera application today. The features needed for a camera are all available. Besides, you can quickly edit your photos thanks to the filders of Adobe.

Supports all RAW file formats

The app allow you to take photos in 6 RAW formats (the file format that stores all data recorded by the image sensor, allowing you yo edit more) and fine-tune a range of elements. Of course, you can choose the subtle editing settings available, but you can also select specific areas of the image for further editing. even better, if you shoot multiple times of the same scene or object, you can easily apply the same editing effect to all those photos. And yet, your device will automatically sync what you edit.

Share your photos to the world

In the Discover section, you can refer to a series of beautiful photos from the top editors in the world. Adobe Lightroom links with some popular social network like Instagram, facebook and twitter. if you have a great photo, don't hesitate to share it with everyone.

Upgrade the power with the Premium version

Adobe Lightroom is a completely free download application. You only need to download this application to your phone, then log in (with your Adobe, Facebook or Google account) to use the application. However, the free version of the application does not have to many features and professional editing tools. if you want to upgrade to the Premium version, you need to spend $10/ a month of use. Here are some advanced features of the Premium version.

Download Lightroom Pro APK 

Basically, Adobe Lightroom meets all the needs of users for a mobile photo-editing application. With tons of filters and great editing tools, this application will turn your original photos into beautiful and sparkling then ever.

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